Our Projects

Bearing the motto “Making great things possible”, GTS has undertaken huge successful projects. Prime examples on these projects have been listed below.

Government Transport Registration Exercise

Heralding a new era of technological innovation, GTS for the first time implemented one of the most memorable projects ever implemented in Somaliland. GTS registered government vehicles in collaboration with the Ministry of Transport. The project eased at knowing the number of vehicles owned by the government and the condition of the vehicles.

Prior to this project, the government had not any data pertaining the vehicles. GTS had become the ultimate solution to getting pertinent information relating to the government transport. In that project, we revealed the effective cars, non-effective cars and the vehicles which needed auction.

On the contrary, it was difficult to know the real location of the vehicle. The system we launched even helped that and in 5 minutes time, the location of every government vehicle can be known.

Another remarkable thing to take into account is that this project helped the Ministry of Transport and the Government of Somaliland generally for the budget earmarking and allocations.

Our project met with the utmost accolade from the Government of Somaliland. “Launching this exercise at the Presidency depicts the priority of this task to the nation. So I urge all ministries to participate and closely work with the implementers,” said the vice president of Somaliland – Somali Commentator English site.

Likewise, the minister of transport of Somaliland lauded the project.  ”I must take this opportunity to thank GTS for its help and relentless efforts for carrying out this huge project ” – Abdillahi Abokor, Somaliland’s minister of transport – Somali Commentator website, 15th May, 2018

Public Transport Registration

Following the government transport vehicle, our company embarked on the public vehicle registration and owner identity. The project was aimed at helping traffic police to have instant access to the relevant details of public vehicles and drivers.

All the incoming vehicles registration systems will contain not only a digital owner’s book but a complete system. They will also contain a smart chip with seven features and including 3D hologram.

Changing Manual Logbook

As part of the large scale projects, GTS has carried out a huge project of changing manual logbook to a computerized electronic card.

Previously, the ministry of Transport used a manual logbook which was prone to be forged by other forgers. This was a great threat to the Ministry of Transport of Somaliland. To tackle this, GTS has launched to issue a computerized electronic card that is laminated with a 3D hologram.